Psychology research

The BPS PsychCrunch podcasts are very accessible and give interesting examples of how psychologists research real life issues. There are 20 episodes, all worth listening to. I am doing this via Zoom and encouraging students to try making notes in different ways; linear, non-linear, mind maps and no-words notes.

It’s a useful opportunity to do this when the students aren’t needing to make notes to revise from, whilst enabling them to still learn about the processes of psychology.

Some BBC The Life Scientific episodes are also very interesting and will give a picture of how a researcher’s career might lead them to particular discoveries.

The BPS Research Digest is always worth a browse and gives excellent brief summaries of the PFC and evaluation of new research.

There are also some reviews of particular areas, such as ’10 Psychology findings that reveal the worst of human nature’

And ‘Good at heart? 10 Psychology findings that reveal the better side of humanity’ –

This could be an opportunity to explore the work of a particular psychologist in more depth, an example of this is using Zimbardo’s website about the Stanford Prison Study (, which includes short clips of original film footage, by Zimbardo’s team.

Zimbardo went on to research heroism, which seems topical as keyworkers are being described as heroes in the media daily. Articles relating to heroism:

A 23-minute TED talk by Zimbardo exploring the Abu Ghraib trials, evil, how to be a hero, and how we can rise to the challenge:

Author: Rachel Moody – Head of Psychology, King Edward VI School, Southampton Oxford University Blog

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